Properties description

The following table contains all properties of this entity and their description

Property NameDescriptionType
TemplateGroupIdThe template group identifier.Guid
TemplateLibraryIdThe parent template library identifier.Guid
NameName used to identify the group.string
DescriptionAdditional information used to describe the group.string
AddInContractNameAdd-in to be called when the Template Execution occurs.
Typically used to integrate the template with the data source
that is providing information used during Template Execution.
Available Add-Ins are installed by the Administrator prior to
being available for usage.
AddInMetadataXml instructions used to configure the execution of the selected
Add-in contract.
TemplateExecutionLabelTitle that will appear on the Template Execution page for this
Template Group.
MetadataAdditional information that can be assigned to classify the
UseParentDocumentOutputPostActionsIndicates whether the available DOPAs are selected in the parent
library. Otherwise, available DOPAs are selected in the group.
CreatedByUserProfileIdThe user who created this Template Group.Guid
CreatedDateDate/time at which this Template Group was created.DateTimeOffset
ModifiedByUserProfileIdThe last user who modified this Template Group’s properties.Guid
ModifiedDateDate/time at which this Template Group’s properties were modified for the last
TimestampThe timestamp.byte array