Properties description

The following table contains all properties of this entity and their description

Property NameDescriptionType
BatchIdThe batch identifier.Guid
BatchGroupIdThe parent batch group identifier.Guid
CreatedByUserProfileIdThe created by user profile unique identifier.Guid
CreatedDateThe created date.DateTimeOffset
DescriptionAdditional information used to describe this Batch.string
EndTimeTime at which the worker stopped processing this Batch. Set when a
batch is Completed or in Error.
ErrorMessageThe error message.string
ExecutedByUserProfileIdThe executed by user profile unique identifier.Guid
InputMetadataInput asset provided to this Batch during the creation process.string
IsArchivedA value indicating whether this instance is archived and the associated blob is deleted.bool
ModifiedByUserProfileIdThe modified by user profile identifier.Guid
ModifiedDateThe modified date.DateTimeOffset
NameThe name of the entity.string
OutputMetadataOutput asset produced and available upon completion of this Batch.string
StartTimeThe start time.DateTimeOffset
StatusThe batch status, which can be Created, Queued, Running, Completed, Error or Timed Out.BatchStatus
TimestampThe timestamp.byte array
WorkerNameThe name of the worker.string