Properties description

The following table contains all properties of this entity and their description

Property NameDescriptionType
TemplateExecutionIdThe template execution identifier.Guid
TemplateIdThe parent template identifier.Guid
TemplateExecutionDataIdThe template execution data identifier.Guid
StatusThe template execution status.TemplateExecutionStatus
StartTimeThe template execution start time.DateTimeOffset
EndTimeThe template execution end time.DateTimeOffset
ErrorMessageThe error message (if exists).string
WorkerNameThe template execution worker name.string
IsArchivedIndicates whether the template execution is archived and the associated blob is deleted.bool
ExecutedByUserProfileIdThe user who executed the template.Guid
CreatedByUserProfileIdThe user who created this template execution.Guid
CreatedDateDate/time at which this template execution was created.DateTimeOffset
ModifiedByUserProfileIdThe last user who modified this template execution’s properties.Guid
ModifiedDateDate/time at which this template execution’s properties were modified for the last
TimestampThe timestamp.byte array