Template Execution Example

This is a full coded example on how to execute a template, convert the result to PDF and verifying the result.

Please refer to "Testing with C#" to create portalContext

var templateName = "My Template";
	var templateGroupName = "My Template Group";
	var templateLibraryName = "My Template Library";
	var documentOutputPostActionName = "Convert to PDF";
	var xmlData = @"<root>
                    <Location>United States of America</Location>
	Guid? documentOutputPostActionId = null;

	var template = (from t in portalContext.Templates
					where t.Name == templateName &&
						  t.TemplateGroup.Name == templateGroupName &&
						  t.TemplateGroup.TemplateLibrary.Name == templateLibraryName
					select t).FirstOrDefault();

	if (template != null)
		if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(documentOutputPostActionName))
			var documentOutputPostAction = (from dopa in portalContext.DocumentOutputPostActions
											where dopa.TemplateLibrary.Name == templateLibraryName &&
												  dopa.Name == documentOutputPostActionName
											select dopa).FirstOrDefault();

				documentOutputPostActionId = documentOutputPostAction.DocumentOutputPostActionId;

		var templateExecutionInfo = template.Execute(xmlData, null, documentOutputPostActionId).GetValue();

		if (templateExecutionInfo.Success)
			Console.WriteLine("Template Executed successfully");
		Console.WriteLine("Template not found");